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Outpatient catheter removal

If the connection between your urinary bladder and urethra (anamastosis) has not yet fully healed by the time you are discharged, the indwelling catheter will have to remain in place for a few more days. During this period, just like during your inpatient stay with us, your urine will collect in a small bag that you can attach discreetly to your leg. Before you are discharged, we will make an appointment for a date when, in our experience, your urinary catheter will be ready to be removed. You should consider this appointment more of a guide, as the healing process can sometimes take a little longer. This is not uncommon and in no way compromises the success of the surgery. 

In most cases, your urinary catheter will be removed at an appointment arranged with your usual urologist. However, you are also welcome to make an appointment in our Outpatient department.


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