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Prostate cancer

Take heart from
treatment advances

Prostate cancer
is a slow-growing
form of cancer.

We want you to take heart from the
rapid evolution of treatment options
over the last three decades.


Is it cancer?
It can sometimes be
tricky to detect.

Is it cancer?
It can sometimes
be tricky to detect.

We can support you through
difficult re-biopsy procedures.

If there is reason to suspect you may have prostate cancer but initial biopsies return more questions than answers, we draw on our expertise to provide clarity.


or surgery
– which is right for you?

From surveillance to
surgery – which option
is right for you?

There are various strategies
for treating prostate cancer

There are a number of strategies
for treating prostate carcinoma,
which we will present to you in detail.

The Martini-Klinik

A glimpse into an extraordinary clinic.

Anything but ordinary
– get an insight into a
special clinic.

Read, watch and learn more about us.

We focus on a single disease to ensure we get things right! Find out more about a very special specialist clinic.

Visitor book

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A visitor book
for a hospital?
Why not.

More than 1,000 men have shared
their experiences with us.

A visitor book for
a hospital? Yes!
Read it for yourself.

More than 1,000 men have been kind
enough to share their experiences
with us and with you.