Die Bewertungen unserer Gäste sind für uns von zentraler Bedeutung. Sie garantieren die Transparenz unserer Leistung und dienen der internen Qualitätsüberprüfung. Wir sind sehr stolz darauf, dass 98% der bei uns behandelten Patienten die Klinik an Freunde und Verwandte weiterempfehlen würden - für uns ein unschlagbares Kompliment.

Wir laden Sie ein, unser Gästebuch zu durchstöbern. Wir sind uns sicher, dass Sie sich durch diese Informationen aus erster Hand einen soliden Eindruck der Martini-Klinik machen können.
Da hier immer wieder bestätigt wird, dass die Berichte ehemaliger Patienten bei der Entscheidung für eine Klinik hilfreich sind, haben wir die Einträge ab September 2015 ein Jahr lang auch auf Englisch übersetzt. So können auch unsere internationalen Patienten von den ausführlichen Berichten unserer deutschen Patienten profitieren. 

Auch die Berichte in der nationalen und internationalen Presse können die Darstellung unserer Leistung verifizieren und Ihr Bild von der Martini-Klinik komplettieren.

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26. August 2015 / Nicos K. from Athens, Greece

After 8 days in the Martini-Klinik fpr prostate surgery I am in a strong position to confirm the well deserved worldwide reputation of this institution.
From the highly skilled and very experienced professionel team who undertook the prostate surgeries, to the professional docs and nurses who would patiently explain and answer any question with much care, to the cleaning and kitchen staff who, apart from their thoroughness, will always welcome you with a smile, to the medical details all throughout the day and night, if needed, to ensure the patient's comfort and safety, all adds up to make this one of the best prostate cancer hospitals in the world.


03. March 2015 / Thomas L. from Norway

Already the first day at the Martini-Klinik me and my wife felt that we were good taken care of. Very good information about the operation what could occur during the operation and what the follow-up consisted of after the operation. All your staff were friendly and professional at all times. Very happy to have received lab tests so early after the operation. At times I felt that the nursing staff were a bit short of staff but they still managed to help/assist me with a smile. That is very impressing.


10. February 2015 / Eric B. from Norway

I am very satisfied with my stay at the Martini-Klinik. One incident upon discharge got me worried, however, I experienced that the Klinik handled my comment about this in a very good way and that I quickly received the clarification I needed. Other than that, I want to compliment all the clinical staff on the exceptionally good clinical care I received. In particular I wish to thank Prof. Dr. Haese who performed the surgery. I felt - and still feel - totally confident about the competence of the clinical staff and that I was in the best hands while at your clinic.
I will definately recommend the Martini-Klinik to other patients in need of prostate cancer treatment.


06. January 2015 / Michael George Jackson

The Martini Clinic is unique.
The team of professional & caring individuals are unique.

It is an environment where everyone is committed to excellence and after my wonderful experience there I can't help wondering why the many other health 'care' institutions don't learn from The Martini Clinic's ... no compromise standards. Then I reflected on my early training in the UK/USA
as a Recording Engineer/Producer and compared it with the training elsewhere in the world. The BIG difference is getting your priorities right i.e. Care & Science.

Priority 1. Create an environment of understanding...genuine interest and care for people.

Priority 2. Provide technical brilliance and professionalism in a modest manner.

These standards set the Martini Clinic miles apart from the others ... and it's successful ... even viable.

So in a perfect world let us pray that others might learn from this little 'oasis of hope' in the birthplace of the Beatles ... Hamburg.
To name any one individual would be unfair so thank you and bless you all.

P.S. Anyone who would like a more detailed reference please do not hesitate to contact me personally.


25. November 2013 / from WINDHOEK - Namibia

We were on a holiday / business trip in Germany when my wife suggested that a closer look at the state of my prostate gland would be an appropriate step. Especially since I was on Flowmax for 2 years and lately on Avodart and my latest PSA reading was 18. We made some enquiries and came across Martini in the Internet, and after making contact with Mrs. Sideris directly at the Martine Clinic I got convinced that I was taking my problem to the right people. At this stage I was still of the opinion, based on advice previously received, that I had a problem, but not cancer.

During a preliminary medical examination at the Martini Clinic in August 2013 by Dr. Salomon and his team, by means of Histoscan and Biopsy, it was established that not only the prostate gland was much enlarged but also contained cancerous material gleason-score 4+5. This was serious and after some deliberation by the medical team due to my advanced age of 75 it was recommended to operate by means of the Da-Vinci method, performing RPE. To reassure that this decision was the best under the circumstances an abdomen-CT and a skeleton-cintigram were carried out, both yielding negative results, thereby eliminating any doubt re the intended operation.

Obviously I was upset by the results of the examinations, being in good physical condition and not suspecting anything so negative, but I immediately booked a slot for an operation end of September. This necessitated a renewed trip from Namibia to Hamburg but this was un-avoidable. On the 26th of September I was booked in and was comprehensively and in the most friendly and caring manner informed about all procedures by sister Anja, which yielded reassurance and relaxation.

The operation was performed by Dr. Salomon and his team on the 27th of September, and considering my age, it was in my opinion a remarkable success. Due to the advanced state of the cancer incursion, some lymph-nodes ( all clean ) plus a set of nerves ( suspicious ) on the left side were removed, thereby trying with optimum care and precision that no infected tissue was left behind. I was told by Dr. Salomon that the OP was successful but more complicated and took a little longer than usual, due to the prostate having grown onto the bladder, of which a piece had to be removed as well.

The short stay at the Martini Clinic from the 27.09. to the 01.10. was pleasant, at little un-
comfortable, but no pain, and super care by the nursing personnel, especially sister Anja, who assisted in many ways and was a big help during these days. The second day after the OP day I was already walking around in the building and the 3rd day outside in the park. On the 02.10. I was allowed to leave the clinic and no complications were experienced whatsoever. Returning to Windhoek in the second week of October was no problem, though still wearing the catheter.

The catheter I wore due to travelling and for safety reasons up to the 18th of Oct., and after
removal, I now experience a mild form of incontinence, which is still persisting , although getting better. Otherwise physically I am back to my previous very good fitness level, and have no hindrances whatsoever. Everything has healed perfectly and I thank Dr. Salomon and his team for their professional advice, skilfulness and after-operation care. And I thank my wife who was a reliable source of good advice and best support in those trying days. The best is that now I am not taking any tablets whatsoever, while previously I hated to have to resort to Flowmax and Avodart.
I would recommend Martini any time to other people having the same problem, since the whole treatment package was carefully considered and executed, and accompanied by constant friendly and competent assistance by the nursing team.

I am now awaiting the first PSA test around end of December and then the final result will become visible and decide, whether further treatment may become advisable.


20. August 2013 / reidar h. f. from Råholt,Norwegen

Me and my wife and daughet came back from the Martini-klinikk, almost 2 weeks ago, after I'd done a prostate surgery.
Just want to say THANK YOU to everybody at station 1, and my doctor Pr. Hans Heinzer.
I'd a successful surgery, and the staff was excellent. It's just one Word for it, and that's GREAT.
I feeling better day by day.
Nch einmal...Vielen vielen Dank!



22. June 2013 / Kevrell Kevrell from MENBEacemLdhTMBpe

It's always a relief when someone with obvious expertise awsnres. Thanks!


26. August 2011 / Steve C. from E.

I had my prostate removed at the Martini Kninik on the 12th August. Naturally I was quite anxious in the days leading up to the operation. From the moment I arrived the staff were so helpful and supportive that I immediately started to feel more at ease. Before and after the operation the level of care was second to none and you really felt completly looked after.
The facility has an aura of calm and the staff are kind,considerate and very professional.
I wish to convey my very special thanks to my surgeon Dr Salomon and to nurses Anja Koster,Olaf Nommensen,Katja Schulz and Henning Starke of Station 4.
I am now well on the road to recovery thanks to the Martini Klinik and I will always be in your debt.
Best Regards,
Steve C.


23. August 2011 / Guenter K. from N.

Thank you to the Martini Team !
Having my prostate removed by Dr. Haese was an experience. The reception is more that of a four star hotel. You never wait long and you are guided through the process from admission to release by confident 100 % professionals. You get the sense everybody is proud to work here. . I speak especially of Dr.Haese and his Davinchi (robotic) method who remove my prostate. Dr. Haese is a very sympathetic man who never gives you the feeling of : If ...?
He clearly knows what he is doing and explains it in understandable words which put me at ease. From then on it all seemed like an event that I missed and I felt great right after the surgery. I recommend to any man who has to have his prostate removed to trust Dr. Haese or the other Doctors in the Martini Klinik. You are in the world best place for it !!!!!!!!!
Guenter K.

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