Die Bewertungen unserer Gäste sind für uns von zentraler Bedeutung. Sie garantieren die Transparenz unserer Leistung und dienen der internen Qualitätsüberprüfung. Wir sind sehr stolz darauf, dass 98% der bei uns behandelten Patienten die Klinik an Freunde und Verwandte weiterempfehlen würden - für uns ein unschlagbares Kompliment.

Wir laden Sie ein, unser Gästebuch zu durchstöbern. Wir sind uns sicher, dass Sie sich durch diese Informationen aus erster Hand einen soliden Eindruck der Martini-Klinik machen können.
Da hier immer wieder bestätigt wird, dass die Berichte ehemaliger Patienten bei der Entscheidung für eine Klinik hilfreich sind, haben wir die Einträge ab September 2015 ein Jahr lang auch auf Englisch übersetzt. So können auch unsere internationalen Patienten von den ausführlichen Berichten unserer deutschen Patienten profitieren. 

Auch die Berichte in der nationalen und internationalen Presse können die Darstellung unserer Leistung verifizieren und Ihr Bild von der Martini-Klinik komplettieren.

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14. August 2016 / Knut C. from Kassel

I would first like to thank the whole team at the Martini-Klinik. The medical performance and nursing care is, with no ifs and buts, first class. Over a period of days, one has the feeling that one can do no wrong as a patient. Very relaxing and important in the state that one finds oneself in. The accommodation in a 2-bed room contrasts distinctly with other clinics. Having one’s own bathroom and toilet is very important for any patient after a urological intervention. It also seemed logical that at the Martini-Klinik, one is mobilized very quickly after surgery, to avoid the risk of thrombosis, and can leave the clinic with a catheter after 5 to 6 days. In my case, the journey home to Kassel 5 days after the operation, about 4 hours, was too much for me, just as were the 14 days I spent at home before going to rehab, during which I constantly had the advice of the senior physician of the Martini-Klinik in mind, advising me to remain mobile. There were complications in the healing process, which now, 10 weeks after the operation, I have overcome. If I were to have another operation, I would check in to a hotel in Eppendorf and have the catheter removed at the Martini-Klinik before setting out on a relaxed journey home. Unfortunately, I was not made aware of this helpful possibility.
Once again, thank you and best regards.
Knut Conrad


05. August 2016 / K. G. from Würselen

Five years ago, my urologist diagnosed me with prostate cancer (PSA value 4.2 before the operation and a Gleasen Score of 6/7).
On the recommendation of my urologist I chose the Martini-Klinic in Hamburg for treatment. I have never regretted this decision. During my stay at the clinic I felt I was treated absolutely professionally. My surgeon, Prof. Graefen, was always ready to listen and answer my questions, and the care on the ward left nothing to be desired.
Before my operation, I often gathered information about the experiences of other patients from the Martini-Klinic guest book. These contributions always gave me courage. To this day, I well remember a particular entry made by a patient. The former patient describes how, five years after the operation, with a PSA value below the detection limit, he made an appointment for a check-up, went to Hamburg with his wife, drank a coffee in the reception area at the Martini-Klinic, and the matter was then resolved for him. This was always my aim after my operation in 2011. Last week I went through the same procedure with my wife and achieved my first aim. I hope there will be further symptom-free years, and I can only recommend that anyone similarly affected choose the Martini-Klinic. Once again, my special thanks go to Prof. Graefen for the excellent operation and treatment.


05. August 2016 / U. T. from Wiesbaden

At the beginning, the diagnosis that causes fear and apprehension. Then one arrives at the Martini Clinic and feels supported, understood and is treated with top quality medical care.

The crucial aspect: the employees of the Martini Clinc did not treat me primarily as a sick patient or as a “medical case”, but as a person with his own individual background. At the Martini Clinic one feels like a welcome guest. Every employee at the clinic has a “client-oriented” attitude. From the first contact by telephone, at the reception on admission, to the consultations with the doctors, the surgical team, the nursing, catering or cleaning staff. Everything is highly professionally organized, the procedures are well thought through and planned, and all tasks are carried out to perfection.

At all levels, I was treated transparently and communicated with as an equal while I was a “guest” at the Martini Clinic. Reliability in every circumstance is the special feature of the Clinic. This strengthens my belief that I have placed myself in the right hands.


27. July 2016 / Ralf S.

Today, four and a half months after my operation (open surgery), performed by Dr. Salomon (neurosafe-based, nerve-sparing on both sides), I am very well.
Even though my lab results were alarming before the operation: Gleason score 3+4, PSA value: 63. Although the adenocarcinoma had proliferated outside the prostate capsule and there was tumor contact with the border of the surgical resection in 8 blocks, I can only sincerely thank Dr. Salomon and his “gifted hands” for the operation that saved my life. He ensured that neither the urethral sphincter muscle nor the nerves that influence continence and potency were impaired.
In this clinic there are only Ronaldos or Messis as surgeons (to draw a comparison in the language of football).
The nurses and carers also give their very best, and they stand out because of their competence, helpfulness and friendliness.
I can highly recommend the Martini Clinic.
My PSA value is now below the detection limit:< 0.01

Thanks for your fantastic work.


09. July 2016 / H. H. from Hamburg

A good six months after my operation in December 2015 only a few fading scars remind me of the operation carried out by Prof. Dr. Heinzer using the da Vinci, robot-assisted, radical prostatectomy. This operation, from my perspective as a patient, is an exemplary success story in the treatment of prostate cancer.

Some of my personal impressions:
1. After the tumor was confirmed by my urologist, when she received the results of the biopsy, and with the diagnosis from the clinic (C61,pT2c,Gl. 3+4, pN0, R0, L0, V0), the carefully, clearly structured Martini Clinic website, containing easily understandable information, even for a lay person, was an important anchor for me when I was occupied by the highly emotion burden of the diagnosis “prostate cancer”.
The various therapy methods presented, the surgical techniques, the presentation of the operative procedures (video), results, etc. calmed me down greatly and made me feel optimistic.

2. The personal treatment I received from all those involved in my stay at the hospital (doctors, nurses and carers, etc.) is marked by their great attentiveness to the patients - from the minute one enters the hospital up until discharge one is consistently treated in a friendly and caring way.

3. The very successful, nerve-sparing da Vinci System method used by Prof. Dr. Heinzer, helped me:
- no surgical pain, no after-effects from the anesthetic
- after a few days I was already moving about, in and around the hospital grounds
- after 6 weeks I was completely continent (the exercises for the pelvic floor were very helpful!)
- after 2 months I could do sport regularly (e.g. bike racing training)
- after 6 monthsI had hardly any erectile dysfunction.

4. Up till now, the aftercare at my urologists has shown no concerning PSA values.

In conclusion: The Martini Clinic is an institution that can be recommended to prostate patients, without reservation.
Thank you!


08. July 2016 / W. S. from --

Two weeks after my discharge from the Martini-Klinik, I would like to share the good experiences I had there.

The operation, performed by Dr. Salomon using the “da Vinci System”, was without complication, for which I express my sincere thanks!

I only had slight pain on the first two days, and was able to reduce and then completely stop the painkillers during the following days. It was also encouraging that on the first day after the operation I was able to get out of bed, with just a little help from the nurse. I was actually surprised at how quickly I recovered in the next days. I was able to go home on the 5th day, after the catheter had been removed and the doctors had given their OK.
Altogether, I was very satisfied with the treatment at the Martini-Klinik, the competent and friendly care given by the doctors and nurses, and I can recommend this Clinic without hesitation.
Thank you very much


23. June 2016 / Peter K. from 32694 Dörentrup

Hallo dear Martini Team,

it is now three weeks since the 30.05.16, when I was - successfully - operated on. I would again like to say thank you to all the doctors and nurses (my special thanks at this point to Prof. Dr. Schlomm – you did a wonderful job!!!) for the competent treatment. In my case, to all on Wards 3 + 4. The consistently helpful and attentive manner will also stay in my memory.

Peter Kunstic wishes you all the best, and great strength and health to continue with your work.


22. June 2016 / N.N. T. from Luxemburg/Switzerland

I had my operation on the 18. April 2016, two months ago now, after having had my attention drawn to the Martini Clinic by a Swiss doctor at a clinic. According to my doctor, Prof. M. Graefen, the surgery was unproblematic, and this proved to be the case. Six days later the catheter was removed, and I have recovered rapidly since then. Each day, the scar serves as a reminder, but otherwise I am very well. I would like to thank all the doctors and nurses who operated on and cared for us patients, day in, day out. To all those who are “only” doing their job; but for the patient it is much more than just a job. Thank you!!


19. June 2016 / Andreas M. from Kehl am Rhein/BW

I was admitted to Ward 4 of your clinic on the 26.04.2016 and was operated on the next day by Prof. Dr. Chun.
From the first contact on the telephone, and during the time that followed, I felt very well taken care of. “Take time for the patients” is a concept that is put fully into practice at your clinic.
The professionalism, friendliness and care of the whole team, including Prof. Dr. Chun, was unique, lessening my worries and fears.
Today, 8 weeks after the operation and the aftercare in Durbach, I am very glad that I put myself in your hands.
My sincere thanks to the whole team on Ward 4, to Mrs Klooss and Mrs Lichtenberg from the consulting hour, as well as to Prof. Dr. Chun, for the kind and professional admittance, surgery and care.


19. June 2016 / H-L. G. from Wallenhorst

On the 14. April, Prof. Dr. Heinzer performed a nerve-sparing operation on me using the Da Vinci method. The operation went very well. Immediately afterwards, Prof. Dr. Heinzer informed my wife about the course of the operation. I owe my sincere gratitude to the whole team on Ward 3. I not only felt that I was medically in good hands. The personal attention definitely led to my rapid recovery. I thank the doctors, nurses and service personnel. The radiation therapy, necessary to avoid a recurrence, has in the meantime commenced. I regained continence a few days after discharge. The advice from Mrs. Wittneben to go for follow-up treatment was right on target. At the “Klinik am Kurpark” in Bad Wildungen I was prepared tor the radiation therapy in an intensive and committed manner. I look forward to completion of the radiation therapy with great confidence. I can thoroughly, and definitely will, recommend the Martini Clinic without reservation, should the topic come up. Please continue the good work.