Martini-Klinik Mediathek

28. Januar 2013 / Spiegel TV

Begleitung einer da Vinci Operation

Prof. Dr. Alexander Haese wird bei einer da Vinci roboterassitierten Operation begleitet.


Der Aufenthalt

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December 2013 / London, Presentation

(engl) The unique structure of Martini-Klinik

Dr. Detlef Loppow presents Martini-Klinik as a highly-specialized clinic with a unique structure at BCG's NHS Future Summit in London.

Demetris Kouloundis

When it comes to health issues I don't compromise

Demetris Kouloundis from Cyprus shares his story to help other men with prostate cancer. He talks about all side effects and why he decided on the da Vinci operation method.

Robotic assisted surgery (da Vinci)

(engl) Precision in the OR at the Martini-Klinik

11 surgeons do the robotic assisted surgery at the Martini-Klinik. Their experience achieve to the best possible results.