International Expertise meet in Hamburg on August 22 - 24, 2019

Internationally renowned prostate cancer specialists will come to Hamburg to share their knowledge and expertise. The program of the three day summit will focus on the latest developments in the most pressing topics in the field of prostate cancer, such as PSA screening, biomarkers, active surveillance and treatment of metastatic prostate cancer.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Hamburg!

Confirmed Faculty 2019

We are once again honored to have the following Experts of the field on board for our 3rd Hamburg Prostate Cancer Summit:

Peter Albertsen
Farmington, USA
Himisha Beltran
Boston, USA
Alberto Bossi
Villejuif, France
Robert Bristow
Manchester, UK
Noel Clarke
Manchester, UK
Matthew Cooperberg
San Francisco, USA
Anthony D'Amico
Boston, USA
Mark Emberton
London, UK
Christopher Evans 
Sacramento, USA
Silke Gillessen
Manchester, UK
Martin Gleave
Vancouver, Canada
Michael Hofman
Melbourne, Australia
Maha Hussain
Chicago, USA
Laurence Klotz
Toronto, Canada
Declan Murphy
Melbourne, Australia
Christian Stief
Munich, Germany


Review of a fantastic event

Hamburg Prostate Cancer Summit 2017

Review of a fantastic event

Delegates as well as the faculty considered the summit to be great success! 

Conference program

Many thanks to the photographer Oliver Knist for the permitted use of the picture "Hamburg Blue Port"