Psychological Counseling

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer constitutes a serious turning point in the patients' lives and can entail several physical, psychological and social pressures. Even when patients have had the operation, this does not always bring relief to every patient. Insecurities concerning the complete absence of cancer, problems with continence, or limitations to your sex life can constitute day-to-day worries. Some people are hesitant to talk about their worries or do not want to be burdens to their families. However, also family members can also feel left alone with their insecurities and their fear of loss.

In such cases, psychological support can be helpful. We offer you and your relatives: 

  • consulting and counseling,
  • psychotherapeutic consultations,
  • relaxation exercises,
  • help in acute crises,
  • provision of additional opportunities for help, such as self-help groups, external psychotherapists or counseling agencies.

This offer applies to the time before, during and after your stay at the Martini-Klinik. The Martini-Klinik works closely with the Department of Medical Psychology at the UKE and would like to offer, if requested, its patients, and their relatives, psycho-oncological support. Alexander Krüger and Claus Schölermann (both are qualified psychologists and psycho-oncologists), specifically trained and experienced in working with cancer patients, are your contact persons.

Prior to your admission to the Martini-Klinik

If, prior to your admission to the Martini-Klinik, you would like psychological counseling, please contact Alexander Krüger or Claus Schölermann.

During your stay at the Martini-Klinik

If you are interested in psycho-oncological consultations during your stay at the Martini-Klinik, please approach the doctors on your ward or the nursing staff. During your stay at the Martini-Klinik, this service is included in our range of care. In case you feel more secure speaking in another language than German or English, one of our cooperating professional translators can assist the sessions.

After your stay at the Martini-Klinik

After your stay at the hospital, our psycho-oncologists offer counseling via telephone or assist you in finding a psychotherapist close to your hometown.