Nerve-sparing operation technique for preservation of potency

The nerve-sparing procedure is time-consuming and carried out with great care: the neurovascular layer is separated millimeter by millimeter from the prostate. During this procedure it is ensured that no heat or electrical energy is used in order to prevent damage to the sensitive nerves.

See how this can be done by the NeuroSAFE-technique

From the results of our own examinations we know that the erection rate for men with pre-operative potency is sufficient for sexual intercourse. The rate is between 84% to 92% for unilaterally nerve-sparing procedures, and between 58% to 70% for bilaterally nerve-sparing procedures.

Frequently asked questions

Can my nerves be protected?

Almost every patient's nerves are protected during operation to preserve the erectile function. This is not possible if single cells of the tumor have already spread to the nerves, which are delicately attached to the prostate gland's sides. As the only clinic in Germany, the Martini-Klinik investigates during the operationwhether the sides of the gland, touching the nerves, contain cancerous cells  (Neuro-Safe-Technique).

Based on this finding it is then decided whether the nerves on both sides can be preserved or have to be removed. By this procedure, developped in the Martini-Klinik, 88 to 99 % of patients, depending on the tumor stadium (97 % in total) could undergo this nerve preserving procedure.