Most specialized, extensive experience

The Martini-Klinik da Vinci®-operation team with Prof. Dr. Alexander Haese as head doctor which is continually expanding. Currently, it consists of Prof. Dr. Markus Graefen, Prof. Dr. Thomas Steuber, Prof. Dr. Hans Heinzer, Dr. Uwe Michl, Dr. Georg Salomon, Prof. Dr. Thorsten Schlomm, Dr. Derya Tilki, Dr. Lars Budäus and  Dr. Valia Veleva (missing on the picture). Prof. Dr. Alexander Haese is a certified trainer and supports other centers (among others centers in Germany, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, England, Sweden, Russia, Italy and Ireland) with the establishment of the da Vinci-Prostatectomy.The team currently has the accumulated experience gathered in over 4,800 da Vinci®-operations. All doctors are specialists in the operative therapy of prostate carcinoma. The Martini-Klinik is the only clinic worldwide with this degree of expertise. No other center annually carries out more prostate cancer operations on patients. In addition to patients from Germany, men from all over the world come to the Martini-Klinik for da Vinci®-operations.

Our assistant doctors are also extensively trained in the use of the da Vinci®-system; the training is an integral part of medical specialist training. Highly-specialized nursing staff with years of experience contributes to the successful operations performed on patients. Qualified anesthesiologists accompany the patients during the da Vinci®-operation and provide anesthetic care which is carefully designed to minimize any side-effects for the patient.

Since the operative experience has a direct effect on the most significant results for the patient – tumor control and quality of life -, the Martini-Klinik provides optimal conditions for the patients.

The da Vinci®-training center

Due to the expertise and the experience accumulated over many years by the da Vinci®-operation team at the Martini-Klinik, the clinic has become a distinguished training center for da Vinci®-robot-assisted radical prostatectomies. Surgeons from other clinics come to the Martini-Klinik to get to know the operation technique and procedures. Prof. Dr. Alexander Haese is a certified trainer and supports other centers in establishing da Vinci®-prostatectomies. In August 2013, the manufacturer Intuitive Surgical thus awarded us the status of the only European da Vinci®-Epicenter for radical prostatectomies.

Further information on the da Vinci®-operation system

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