Hand in hand with the most modern minimally-invasive operation system

Currently, the da Vinci®-operation system is the most modern minimally-invasive system. It supports doctors during so called laparoscopic operations (“keyhole surgery”). Instead of large incisions in the abdomen small incisions of 5 – 12 mm are made, allowing for the introduction of the necessary instruments as well as a camera into the body. This system is often referred to as the “operation robot”. This, however, is misleading. The operating doctor uses the instrument arms which exactly follow his hand movements.

The da Vinci®-System offers an alternative to the classical open incision for prostate removal operations. Since its introduction in 2007, this method has been used over 5,000 times in the Martini-Klinik at the University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf. The operative quality of the da Vinci®-system  with regard to nerve and sphincter muscle preservation is equally as good as that with the classical incision method.

Special features of the da Vinci® robot-assisted prostate removal

  • Small incisions and small scars
  • Less blood loss (blood transfusion rate ˂ 2%)
  • Optimum sight on operation area

Non-essential medical services such as the use of the da Vinci®-system can be chosen independent of insurance status. However, the patient must carry a partial charge which is not covered by the health insurance.