Back to normal

You will notice that you now feel much better from day to day. 

If the sutured connection between the urethra and the bladder (anastomosis) heals up normally, the catheter can be removed starting from day 5, shortly before discharge. It may be that the healing of the anastomosis is not complete by the end of your in-patient stay. The catheter removal will be carried out on an outpatient basis in this case as well, following discharge from the clinic. Your operating surgeon will discuss the procedure with you individually during your in-patient stay. 

In the case that the catheter is to only be removed after the in-patient stay, you will be given an outpatient appointment in our clinic to have this done. We will jointly arrange this appointment before you are discharged. You can of course also have the catheter removed by your own urologist; if you live far away from our clinic for example.

 Catheter Removal