The day after - taking first steps

Initial mobilisation i.e. getting out of bed, takes place in the morning with the assistance of the nursing staff. Taking painkillers is particularly important on this day, as you need to be relieved of pain so as to neither be limited in your mobilisation nor in your breathing. 

The nursing staff will help you to get up and will perform breathing and physiotherapeutic exercises with you. 

You may already consume light food and drink a maximum of one litre today. Due to your increased fluid requirement, you will also be given infusions today. Additionally, there will be a short examination in which the bandage is checkd upon and the operation area palpated. If everything goes smoothly, the indwelling venous cannula can be removed as soon as in the evening of the first day.

Erste Schritte am Tag danach

Informationsfilm über den Aufenthalt

Erste Schritte am Tag danach

Um den Genesungsprozess zu fördern, legen wir viel Wert auf eine schnelle, koordinierte und möglichst schmerzfreie Mobilisation. Das Pflegepersonal hilft Ihnen bei den ersten Schritten und begleitet Sie.