The Operation - and the talk with the surgeon

On the day of the operation and following your preparation, you will be taken to the operating room by the ward’s nursing staff. You will not need to worry about anything.

Since you are only returned from the operation room once you have almost completely slept off the anaesthesia in the anaesthetic recovery room, it may be that you are only returned in the late afternoon or evening. You must keep an empty stomach on this day and may only drink a maximum of 0.5 litres (in sips) four hours after the operation has been completed. Your required fluid intake for this day is fully covered by infusions, which are supplied to you via an indwelling venous cannula.

If you feel any wound pains, you will be given painkillers via the infusion or an injection. Later on, the surgeon will tell you personally how the operation went. 

Der Tag der Operation

Informationsfilm über den Aufenthalt

Der Tag der Operation

Nach dem morgendlichen Wecken haben unsere Patienten ausreichend Zeit, in Ruhe zu duschen und sich auf den Eingriff vorzubereiten.