A last talk with the physician

Between the fourth and fifth day after the operation the patients are usually ready to go home. As soon as the final results of the histological examination are available, we will discuss these with you immediately and explain the findings. Please understand that in some cases the final histological result will not yet be ready at the time of discharge. Our clinic works together with the UKE pathological institute, where our very meticulous colleagues are busy processing the taken specimen following a very complex procedure. This histological examination is more extensive than the usual histological processing otherwise carried out; the results are therefore very solid and enable a reliable prognostic estimation of your condition to be made. Before your planned discharge you will have a final talk with your physician, giving you another chance to discuss any questions and unclear matters. For this purpose, please read the section about the planned further course of action in our discharge documents beforehand, which will be handed out to you during your stay.

Der Tag der Entlassung

Informationsfilm über den Aufenthalt

Der Tag der Entlassung

An Ihrem letzten Tag erfolgt das Abschlussgespräch mit dem Operateur, u.a. über den feingeweblichen Befund und Informationen zum Entfernen des Katheters.

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