Your Stay - what will happen in detail

Due to the high number of radical prostatectomies we perform each year, we have, for quality assurance reasons, developed a standardised procedure for in-patient stays. This is not meant to be an inflexible regulation of the way things are to be done, but rather guides the process and the necessary measures associated with each stage.

Of course, your individual recovery is always adapted to when following this procedure. One significant advantage is that you can better prepare yourself for the planned process since you know what it involves. We would therefore like to take you through the »guide« for a typical process in the following. 


Your Room - Your Home for a few Days

We attach great importance to your comfort throughout your stay! Our rooms are therefore furnished to the highest possible standard of comfort. 

"The only thing missing was the view of the harbor."

Helmut D.N.

Upscale Furnishing

The Martini-Klinik offers single and double rooms that have a bathroom with a shower. The furnishing of the rooms with electrically adjustable beds, a fridge and a safe in your room, makes you feel as if you were staying in a hotel.

It goes without saying that you will have your own landline, and you may also use your own mobile phone in our building. In addition, your room is fitted with a patient terminal that gives you access to radio and television programs, as well as to the internet, from your bed. On request, we will also be happy to provide you with a Blu-ray player free of charge. In addition, we offer you free WiFi access for your own device (smartphone, tablet or laptop). This way, you can stay in touch with family, friends or colleagues during your stay at the clinic.


Breakfast, lunch, coffee in the afternoon, and dinner are served on a daily basis. Apart from the days before and after surgery, you can pick and choose your meals from the menu plan and give your order to our catering service. You can select your lunch from the menu, which includes vegetarian and whole foods.