Our driving force for excellence

Our Mission

In the Martini-Klinik, patients with Prostate cancer receive the best treatment possible while their quality of life is being maintained

Next to medical excellence, latest research findings and outstanding care, the clinic and its employees offer comfortable accommodation and excellent Service which all together aims at shortening the guests’ recovery and enabling him to forget about the strains of the operation.

The founders of the Martini-Klinik set the first stone in 2005 with the ambition to build a center of excellence for the cure of patients with prostate cancer and are passionate about advancing the gathering and analysis of detailed scientific data. Ever since, the focus lies in the tight interconnectedness with specialists needed of other disciplines at the University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf. Together, many innovations, based on research findings, were realized that could advance diagnosis and treatment possibilities of the prostate carcinoma to the patient’s benefit.

Our Vision 

Through our daily work and scientific research activities we want to contribute to the improvement of the disease-related survival rate and post-operative quality of life. We advocate the worldwide establishment of the operation techniques developed in the Martini-Klinik so that continence and potency of as many patients as possible may be preserved. The most significant factor for this is early diagnosis and the increase of men’s willingness to realize a preventative check-up. Our special interest of development lies in the early diagnosis in order to optimize its sensitivity and specificity.

(engl) Improving Prostate Cancer Treatment

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(engl) Improving Prostate Cancer Treatment

Highly specialized, empathetic and scoring high in outcome quality: Our Prostate Cancer Center.