High security through routine, super-specialization, superior diagnosis

Carrying out more than  2.000 surgeries yearly*  , the physicians of the Martini-Klinik are among the leading prostate cancer surgeons worldwide. Renowned international studies have revealed that the number of operations a surgeon performs has an influence on his surgical outcomes. For men who undergo removal of the prostate (radical prostatectomy), not only are the chances of a cure better if a well-experienced surgeon performs the operation, but above all, the rate of preservation of continence and potency is greater  (Literature of the month 2007). Therefore, it is to the patient’s great advantage if the operating physician already has a great deal of experience in removal of the prostate gland. 

As our leading physicians have a life-long bond to the clinic, the accumulated knowledge and skill of an individual doctor is never lost (faculty system). On the contrary: the learning curve of a young physician is much steeper as he profits from the long experience and meticulous training of senior colleagues. This way, our superspecialized know-how remains within the clinic, and the strict monitoring of each surgeon's medical skills continually adds to this  wealth of knowledge.

Our patients profit from another feature of our superspecialization. Each of our leading physicians is an expert in a particular field of prostate cancer. This means we possess specialized knowledge that is of great interest to interdisciplinary panels such as the Tumorboard,. Together with experts from the UKE, we offer local physicians (urologists) the possibility of discussing diagnostic and therapeutic questions with regard to their prostate cancer patients.

Frequently asked questions

Is there an outcome analysis?

Yes, the Martini-Klinik is one of the few surgical clinics that retrieves the results of the patients having been treated here after one week, three months and afterwards yearly and that analyzes its data annually. The Martini-Klinik hires four employees to organise this - a service that is not included in most of the other surgical clinic's budgets. Results concerning the rate of cure, continence and virility are shown here. These results can be explained to every patient based on his tumor's individual characteristics. 

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I have an advanced carcinoma and am dependent on a drug therapy. Does the Martini-Klinik offer Consultation and Treatment for such cases?

Yes. We do offer special consultation hours for information about latest drug treatment methods. Our ambulatory care unit for clinical studies offers the possibility of participation in studies. 

Is the Martini-Klinik the only clinic specialised in prostatecancer?

Yes, in Europe it is. There are different centers in the United States of America that are aspecialised in a similar manner. 

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Does the Martini-Klinik offer studies with new drug treatment methods?

Yes. The Martini-Klinik has an ambulatory unit for medical studies that offers latest therapy concepts promising treatment success and that supervises the application with optimal handling. This especially concerns drug therapies but also studies in the area of diagnosis. Please turn to our ambulatory unit for medical studies to learn about recent studies.

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