We compare and refine our operation technique

Removing the prostate while preserving potency and completely sparing the urethral sphincter is the aim of every radical prostatectomy. The achievement of this aim is a special focus of the Martini-Klinik. The very fine layer which contains the neurovascular structure for continence and erectile function is carefully separated from the prostate and thus remains as an intact structure in the body. The sphincter muscle is retained in its full length. In most cases, continence and potency remain at pre-operation levels. 

Frequently asked questions

Is there an outcome analysis?

Yes, the Martini-Klinik is one of the few surgical clinics that retrieves the results of the patients having been treated here after one week, three months and afterwards yearly and that analyzes its data annually. The Martini-Klinik hires four employees to organise this - a service that is not included in most of the other surgical clinic's budgets. Results concerning the rate of cure, continence and virility are shown here. These results can be explained to every patient based on his tumor's individual characteristics. 

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Does the Martini-Klinik only offer operations?

No, the whole scope of modern treatment, compliant with the guidelines, is offered at the Martini-Klinik: Operation (open surgery or da Vinci-method), Radiation Therapy (Brachytherapy, external radiation), Active Surveillance and Hormonetherapy.