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The evaluations of our guests are of great importance to us. They guarantee the transparency of our achievements and contribute to internal quality assessment. We are very proud that 98% of our guests would recommend the clinic to their friends and relatives - for us, a compliment second to none.

We invite you to read through our guestbook. We are certain that these first-hand experiences will provide you with an accurate impression of our clinic.  Because we have repeatedly heard that the numerous positive entries of former patients helped other men in their decision-making process, you will find translated german entries here as well.

Reports in the national and international press will verify the quality of the our services we offer and complete your impression of the Martini-Klinik.

Guest Book

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2015-09-28 / Jörg O. from Hamburg/Salzhausen

On the 14.09.2015, I was operated on by Professor Schlomm, using the da Vinci method.
All I can say is: PERFECT, no pain, everything is fine!!!!
The whole of the healthcare team should also not go unmentioned; the very positive impression left by the Martini Clinic also includes them.

Once again, many thanks!


2015-09-14 / Peter M. from Hamburg

Dear Dr. Budäus, dear Martini Clinic Team,

Today, one year after my operation at your clinic (and a good six months after the adjuvant radiation therapy that followed, the side effects of which quickly disappeared), I would like to extend a heartfelt “thank you”.

It appears that you did a splendid job: the PSA level is stable at 0.02, I am completely continent, even while doing sport, I have never needed continence pads, I have less urgency to urinate and do not need to get up in the night, my urologist admires your anastomosis during every palpatory and ultrasound examination … OK, my erectile capability has still not fully returned, but maybe with time, it will do so.

I am very pleased that I ended up in the Martini Clinic, and I wish you all the very best!


2015-09-11 / Wolfgang M. from N.N.

In July 2015, I was a patient on Ward 4 at the Martini Clinic. I would like to express my thanks for the very good medical and personal care and take this opportunity of passing on very positive feedback regarding my stay at the clinic.

Right from the beginning, during my preliminary visit and first medical briefing, I was advised in a very friendly and competent manner. The atmosphere and the calmness and composure of the staff prevent the patient from becoming nervous.

Prior to my admission, I found very comprehensive information about cancer on the website of the Martini Clinic, as well as information on the various surgical methods, and a detailed account of the what would happen during my stay at the clinic. I have never experienced anything quite like this before! I knew exactly what to expect and arrived at the clinic completely relaxed.

On the day I was admitted, I immediately felt good and appreciated the all-round care. Also, during the days that followed, the friendly, encouraging, and sometimes amusing manner of the staff, contributed to my well-being. It couldn’t have been better!

My thanks to Professor Steuber for the successful operation and for the expert information given during the surgeons’ rounds. In contrast with the image of the “Gods in white” (surrounded during rounds by their horde of staff), Professor Steuber addresses his patients directly and engages with them in a very personal way. That was marvellous!

I also found other very positive factors: the good food and the possibility of communicating directly from one’s bed.

Although I had hoped to have my catheter removed before being discharged, in the end I was happy that this took place some days later, as I would otherwise have felt a little insecure on the train journey home, which took several hours.

I am very grateful that my cancer was diagnosed early enough; the successful operation has probably given me a few more years of life as a present. Since then I have gone into the subject of cancer in great detail and have, in the meantime, made financial contributions to research done at the Martini Clinic and by German Cancer Aid. I plan to continue to do so.

I am very happy to recommend the Martini Clinic!


2015-09-09 / Volker B. from Costa Rica

Being diagnosed with „cancer“ is always a shock, even if nowadays one in every three people will be affected sooner or later in their lives. But of course, one always begins counting with oneself …. As fate would have it, I was number three and had to go under the knife. Even routine operations are no stroll in the park, and they comprise an array of risks and dangers, beginning with the anesthetic, followed by skill of the surgeon (or lack of it), and topped off, above all, by something that can affect the patient during after-care: “hospital germs”.

All this is enough to cause trembling knees and a faint panic, even prior to admission. HOWEVER: I had the incredible luck to land up in the excellent, and in all respects wonderful Martini Clinic; from start to finish I received top-class advice, care and treatment. Trembling knees? Panic? These feelings disappeared the moment I entered the clinic. I was looked after and treated like a long-lost family member. The nurses and the medical personnel are the personification of unmatched friendliness and perfection. I felt well cared for, excellently informed, and I was never left alone with my fear and pain for even a second, regardless of who was looking after me.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all those concerned; the doctors, the nurses, and the service personnel who are responsible for cleanliness and creature comforts.

I will most certainly warmly recommend the clinic to my friends and acquaintances, should they ever need treatment. Why opt for less than the best when one’s health is at stake? Precisely.


2015-09-01 / Herbert M. from Hamburg

My operation was on the 06.08.2015; it was carried out by Dr. Steuber, using the DaVinci surgical system. I would like to express my great thanks to him for his excellent work and to the Martini Clinic team, and for the marvellous accommodation.

When I was admitted to the clinic, I had a diagnosis of prostate carcinoma Gleason score 4 + 3
Gleason 3 volume fraction 27%
Tertiary Gleason 5 2.9%
PSA 7.6

The catheter had already been removed before I left the clinic, and I was by and large continent.

Unfortunately, the histological examination following the operation showed a minor invasion of the lymph nodes, so that after 3 months an adjuvant radiant therapy was recommended.


2015-08-30 / Udo T. from Sondershausen

Although my operation took place over three weeks ago, in my opinion it is never too late to pass on positive feedback.

It was naturally a shock when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Anyone in a similar position knows the feeling and the many questions that suddenly arise, the main ones being: How can I fight this illness? Which is the right method of treatment? After evaluating some of the possible treatments, I decided, despite the risk of impairment or loss of potency, to have surgery. At this point, I would to express my warmest thanks to Dr. med. Knbloch from Leinefelde, as my choice of the Martini Clinic at the UKE was largely due to her.
I was operated on by Prof. Steuber on the 04.08.2015. Everything went according to plan, even if the position of the tumor only allowed the preservation of half of the nerves responsible for potency. Professor Steuber, the anesthetists, and the whole of the OP team, thank you for your excellent work. From the first moment I complete trusted the team, and was therefore not afraid, for even a second, of what lay ahead of me.

I can hardly describe the competence, calm and care with which patients, whether privately or publicly insured, are looked after at the Martini Clinic,thus ensuring that their stay is as pleasant as possible. This also applies to Dr. Schmitz, the ward physician, who always lent me her ear.

A great thank you to all at the Martini Clinic, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. I can only highly recommend this clinic!


2015-08-27 / N. W. from Pinneberg

My highest praise goes to the complete Martini Clinic Team – the doctors, the nurses, the service personnel – for their highly competent and comprehensive explanations, advice, support, reliability and punctuality, the professional care, organization and perfect service. My special thanks go to Dr. Salomon and the anesthesia team for the very successful operation. For my part, I give the clinic my whole-hearted recommendation.


2015-08-26 / Nicos K. from Athens, Greece

After 8 days in the Martini-Klinik fpr prostate surgery I am in a strong position to confirm the well deserved worldwide reputation of this institution.
From the highly skilled and very experienced professionel team who undertook the prostate surgeries, to the professional docs and nurses who would patiently explain and answer any question with much care, to the cleaning and kitchen staff who, apart from their thoroughness, will always welcome you with a smile, to the medical details all throughout the day and night, if needed, to ensure the patient's comfort and safety, all adds up to make this one of the best prostate cancer hospitals in the world.


2015-03-03 / Thomas L. from Norway

Already the first day at the Martini-Klinik me and my wife felt that we were good taken care of. Very good information about the operation what could occur during the operation and what the follow-up consisted of after the operation. All your staff were friendly and professional at all times. Very happy to have received lab tests so early after the operation. At times I felt that the nursing staff were a bit short of staff but they still managed to help/assist me with a smile. That is very impressing.


2015-02-10 / Eric B. from Norway

I am very satisfied with my stay at the Martini-Klinik. One incident upon discharge got me worried, however, I experienced that the Klinik handled my comment about this in a very good way and that I quickly received the clarification I needed. Other than that, I want to compliment all the clinical staff on the exceptionally good clinical care I received. In particular I wish to thank Prof. Dr. Haese who performed the surgery. I felt - and still feel - totally confident about the competence of the clinical staff and that I was in the best hands while at your clinic.
I will definately recommend the Martini-Klinik to other patients in need of prostate cancer treatment.