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The evaluations of our guests are of great importance to us. They guarantee the transparency of our achievements and contribute to internal quality assessment. We are very proud that 98% of our guests would recommend the clinic to their friends and relatives - for us, a compliment second to none.

We invite you to read through our guestbook. We are certain that these first-hand experiences will provide you with an accurate impression of our clinic.  Because we have repeatedly heard that the numerous positive entries of former patients helped other men in their decision-making process, you will find translated german entries here as well.

Reports in the national and international press will verify the quality of the our services we offer and complete your impression of the Martini-Klinik.

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2016-04-06 / Jürgen H. from Kassel

It began in 2007 with a PSA value of 5.6, a period of uncertainty, suppression and fear of prostate cancer.
2008 - a PSA value of 6.7 and the first biopsy with a negative result, with an indication for regular monitoring.
2013 - a PSA of 9.9, I was not ready for an operation, but I had already heard of the Martini Clinic.
In August 2015, my wife insistently reminded me of my prostate check-up, at which the PSA was 13.2. My search for the right method led me to the HIFU technique or radiation therapy as “good” alternatives to removal of the prostate.
My very pleasant first contact with the Martini Clinic prompted me initially to have an MRI at the University Medical Center Eppendorf on the 02.09.2015.The result was positive and I therefore had to undergo a biopsy.

The biopsy took place on the 27.10.15 at the Martini Clinic. After the unpleasant experience with my last biopsy in 2008, I am very thankful to Mrs Linse and Mr. Kühne for their very kind treatment. Of the 17 punch samples, 2 were positive. The Gleason score of 3+4 meant that an operation was necessary.
Prof. Dr. Haese carried out the operation on the 01.12.15 using the Da Vinci method. It was possible to spare the nerves and the result was very good. All cancerous tissue was removed; only the tissue surrounding the ureter was no longer intact, but thanks to Prof. Haese, the result is now very good. I also thank him for his sympathetic consultations and the comprehensive information he gave me.
Unfortunately, due to the state of the ureter, I had to wear a catheter for 4 weeks, which was then very gently removed on the 04.01.2016, accompanied by a lot of useful information.
In conversations I still get enthusiastic about the whole team at the Martini Clinic, and I can only recommend that anyone in a similar situation go there.

4 months have passed and my continence is almost perfect. I hardly have to get up at night, and the urge to urinate has eased.

My urologist in Kassel is also satisfied with the overall result.

Many thanks to the whole team, and please keep your typical Hamburg “calm friendliness”.

Jürgen H.


2016-03-31 / Jürgen A. from Straubenhardt

Dear Martini Clinic Team,
I am deliberately addressing this message not only to Professor Dr. Haese, but to the whole TEAM. I very much want to share my experiences at the clinic with the your next patients.
Team 1
My Professor 1
Treatment 1
Consultation 1
Result 1
In short, I could find nothing to mention here that would deserve a Grade 2.
Thank you for all your efforts, your knowledge and your patience, thank you.


2016-03-31 / Gerhard T. from Bhuchholz i.d.N.

Dear Martini Clinic staff,
if there were an award for patient satisfaction, you would win it.
Every day you all conduct your lives according to the principle
“Say what you do and do what you say.”
This is based on a clinic/patient philosophy that is without equal.
My thanks go to the staff of the prostate consulting hour, the team on Ward 4, and to Dr. Tilki’s surgical team.
I was treated excellently by all the staff from my first day on Ward 4 until my discharge,
Many thanks and greetings,
Gerhard Thom


2016-03-11 / N.N. S. from Korschenbroich

Anyone confronted with (prostate) cancer finds themselves in an exceptional physical and psychological situation. The team at the Martini Clinic team is dedicated to dealing with this exceptional situation and to an unconditional fight against cancer. This fight is carried out in a most professional way, involving the best surgeons with wide operative experience, who operate according to the latest scientific findings, and with highly qualified, friendly and highly motivated carers, who are always available to the patient.
My thanks go to the whole team, who were a great help to me; one can therefore only demand: “Create more Martini Clinics!”


2016-03-09 / Andreas F. from Hamburg

Dear Martini Clinic Team,

I was a patient on Ward 4 of your Clinic from the 24.03. to the 29.03.2016. I had to undergo an operation on the prostate as I had prostate cancer. Dr. Salomon performed the operation. Everything went well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Martini Clinic team for everything. You are a “super team” and it is a “super clinic”. I will definitely recommend you.

Warmest regards

Andreas Flejszer


2016-03-09 / C. K. from Hamburg

From the 11-17 of February I was a patient at the Martini Clinic. I would like to express my highest recognition of the personnel and facilities on Ward 1.
Apart from the pleasantly small rooms (only single or double bedrooms), the facilities are attractively fitted with a balcony, TV/radio and a specially equipped room for refreshments for patients and visitors. I would like to make a special mention of the performance of the team that treated me. My greatest thanks go to Dr. Michel, my attending physician. As a football fan, I would put it like this: Messi’s performance on the pitch is the equivalent of Dr. Michel’s performance in the operating theater. Thanks to his medical and surgical expertise, no problems arose, either during the operation or the postoperative reconvalescence. In the first phase following the operation, I constantly felt I was cared for all-round and kept informed at all times in a professional manner. The matter of fact involvement of the patient in the treatment and healing process was very welcome. The demeanor of the clinic staff towards the patients was at all times friendly, patient and helpful.
All in all, I can only highly commend the clinic facility and the staff, and I wish the doctors and all of the whole Martinic Clinic team “doctor’s luck” and continuing success in the future.


2016-02-26 / Andreas H.

Dear Martinis

Two months ago I had by prostate removed, and since then I have been talking in glowing terms about my stay at the Martini Clinic. I am quite sure that under these, understandably adverse, circumstances, there was no better place for me (or my prostate). The attention and friendliness of the nursing staff, the readiness of the doctors to provide information and their empathy were exemplary, far beyond the norm. So apart from the unavoidable darker side of my stay, there was a lot of light. My sincerest thanks for the professionalism and humaneness, and I wish all the “Martinis“ the very best for the future.


2016-02-22 / Eggert G. from Kiel

My urologist decided to carry out a biopsy in the spring of 2013, due to variations in my PSA levels. One of the biopsy tissue samples was positive (gs 3+3); for the time being, there was no reason for concern. Two years later, 6 samples were positive, but the cancer was still not aggressive. However, I decided I didn’t want to watch and wait for further developments. My urologist had already informed me about the Martini Clinic, and I had contacted Professor Heinzer for his appraisal of my results. The question was: radiation therapy or an operation; and if the answer was an operation, then which type? Professor Heinzer gave me a lot of his time during the three consultations I had with him, and he was a great help with my decision-making. I decided on a radical prostatectomy by the da Vinci method. I was treated at the clinic from the the 16.02.2016. The evening after the operation, Professor Heinzer told me it had been possible to preserve all important functions, and today (18.02.2016), I received the long-awaited telephone call with the results of the histological tests from the pathology department: the tumor had been entirely removed!!
The catheter was removed while I was at the clinic, and in this respect my situation has improved from day to day. Considering the operation lasted 4 hours, I am now considerably fit again.

I thank Professor Heinzer and his team for their excellent work and for taking a great burden from me.
I also wish to very much thank the ward doctors and the excellent nursing staff on private ward 3, who were very helpful, friendly and competent. They made my stay much easier due to their uncomplicated and positive manner.
Conclusion: I recommend the Martini Clinic, without exception.
As a Norwegian patient replied when I asked him if it was not possible for him to get treatment in Stavanger: “Yes, but if I can choose between a surgeon who performs 60 operations a year, and another who carries out 200, then my decision is clear”. I fully agree with him!


2016-02-18 / Thomas S. from Hamburg

On the recommendation of my urologist and as a result of my own research on the internet, I decided on the Martini Clinic. After a professional and understanding preliminary consultation, the doctor taking a lot of time for me, a radical prostatectomy was decided upon. Dr. Salomon performed the operation, sparing the nerves on both sides, and now, a few days after removal of the catheter, I have no problems with continence. It was not possible to give me a hundred percent clearance after the examination of the fine tissue, but I hope the PSA results will be positive at the next check-up. My sincere thanks go to Dr. Salomon and the whole team of doctors and nurses, as well as to the service personnel, for their constantly friendly and competent treatment and care. Should I need further treatment – which I hope is not the case – I will definitely deliver myself into the tried and tested, capable hands of the staff at the Martini Clinic.

Best regards

Thomas Schreier


2016-02-11 / Jörg A. from Wilhelmshaven

Weighed down by doubts and misgivings, I had decided to undergo treatment at the Martini Clinic. A preliminary consultation that took place with Dr. Salomon in the middle of December strengthened my decision; however, I was still quite fearful of the operation.

In the meantime, I have successfully completed the Martin Clinic “program”: I have been at home for a week, the operation went well, the catheter was removed during my stay at the clinic, and altogether, I feel well again.

After the operation, the well thought-out treatment concept, from the useful tube in the bath robe to the supportive advice and procedures on discharge, were very helpful and constructive. I found the friendly atmosphere and the readiness to help extremely supportive. I would especially like to thank Dr. Salomon and all the clinic team, who were friendly and competent during the whole of my stay. They were always ready with a patient answer to every question and a helpful solution to each problem, day and night.

I made exactly the right decision in undergoing the operation at the Martini Clinic, and I highly recommend its treatment concept to all those in a similar situation.