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The evaluations of our guests are of great importance to us. They guarantee the transparency of our achievements and contribute to internal quality assessment. We are very proud that 98% of our guests would recommend the clinic to their friends and relatives - for us, a compliment second to none.

We invite you to read through our guestbook. We are certain that these first-hand experiences will provide you with an accurate impression of our clinic.  Because we have repeatedly heard that the numerous positive entries of former patients helped other men in their decision-making process, you will find translated german entries here as well.

Reports in the national and international press will verify the quality of the our services we offer and complete your impression of the Martini-Klinik.

Guest Book

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2020-07-06 / Farhang M. from Hamburg

Ich bin glücklich über meine Entscheidung, mich in der Martini-Klinik operieren zu lassen.
Ein Team von Fachleuten, von der Aufnahme bis zur Entlassung, von der Vorsorge bis zur Nachsorge, von der Verwaltung bis zur Pflege. Sie wissen, was sie tun. Jeder Handgriff sitzt.
Ich führe jetzt ein beschwerdefreies Leben, von Inkontinenz keine Spur, trage keine Vorlagen, kann stundenlang spazierengehen, Beckenbodengymnastik machen. Alles Dank der Miniaturarbeit des Herrn Prof. Haese. Ich erinnere mich noch, wie er mir sagte: "gehen Sie spazieren, das Wetter ist gut, genießen Sie es". Hier nochmals Danke, Herr Prof. Haese! Sie haben mir in meiner Hoffnungslosigkeit ein Leben mit Qualität geschenkt.
Ich wurde am 23. April 2020 aufgenommen und nach der Voruntersuchung in die Station 4 gebracht, wo das Personal alle meine Wünsche von der Lippe abgelesen und erfüllt haben. Mir wurde alles freundlich erklärt und ich wurde rundum die Uhr mit einem Lächeln gepflegt und betreut. Ich fühlte mich wie in einem 5-Sterne Hotel.
Am 24. April wurde ich operiert, am 29. April wurde der Katheter entfernt und am Tag danach wurde ich freundlich entlassen. Übrigens tut der Katheter nicht weh!
Die Martini-Klinik hat dafür gesorgt, dass ich in die Reha komme. Der Sozialdienst hat alles geregelt. Sie haben die Reha kontaktiert und mir einen Platz gebucht. Zwei Wochen nach der Entlassung wurde in St.-Peter-Ording im Hamm Klinikum aufgenommen und nach demselben Standard der Martini-Klinik 3 Wochen lang gepflegt und betreut.
Wäre die Martini-Klinik ein Hotel und keine medizinische Institution, würde ich sagen: Ich komme wieder!


2019-11-27 / Per Gustav B. from Norway

I am now safely back home in Norway and would like to thank all the staff at Martini-Klinik with whom I have been in contact for a fantastic service, professionalism and dedication during my stay. I am impressed by many aspects of the clinic’s operation. Of course, the “technical” knowledge and skill regarding the operation itself, but also how the entire stay is organised and what I experienced as a very good working environment which leads to a pleasant atmosphere for patients who are, after all, patient in a difficult situation. The same applies to partners, in my case my wife, who felt equally well taken care of.

Best wishes and thank you
Per B.


2019-07-15 / Michael S. from Hamburg

Now that I am at home recovering from surgery, I wish to thank Prof Dr Salomon and the entire team for the excellent treatment and caring attitude throughout my stay in the clinic and afterwards. I would recommend the Martini Klinik to any friend who is diagnosed with prostate cancer.


2019-03-22 / Christian V. from Denmark

As a Young (51) patient I had a lot to lose in regarding potency and continence. For this reason my local hospital advised against surgery, as they evaluated my cancer as ”low risk”.

However, a second opinion from a local professor advised to get the surgery soon, and mentioned that the Martini-Klinik surgeons are ”World Class”, due to their very extensive experience. In my hospital in Denmark 5-10 surgeons make a total of 220 prostatectomies per year. At Martini, 9 surgeons make 2200! In addition, I found lots of scientific articles, showing that Martini-Klinik doctors are fully up to date on new developments within their area of expertise.

On the last day of January 19, Prof. Graefen removed my prostate. After 4 days with a catheter and an extra day to make sure everything was OK, I returned home.

I was continent from day one and when tested after 2 weeks, the potency had suffered no damage whatsoever! The histology showed, that I had come at the last minute, -despite the advice from my local hospital, to do Active Surveillance!

Every case of prostate cancer is unique, but my advice for other young patients is to go ahead with the surgery. This will give you the best possible chances controlling the cancer and the Martini surgeons can do the surgery very well, leaving you with good quality of life afterwards.

In addition to Prof. Graefen, I would like to thank the nurses at station one, especially Claus, Joy, Ann and Elke. Thanks for good care and good talks.


2019-02-04 / Gordon A. from Copenhagen

A cancer diagnosis is devastating and the need for reassurance and confidence in what lies ahead is overwhelming. Having read about the Martini-Klinik on the website, and later having consulted Prof. Dr. Graefen, I felt sure that the Martini-Klinik was the right solution for me. Having undergone a prostatectomy, superbly performed by Prof. Dr. Salomon and his team, and having received the treatment and care in the week to follow at the clinic, I am completely convinced, and will recommend to anyone in the unfortunate situation of needing treatment for prostate cancer to seek consultation and treatment at the Martini-Klinik. Professionalism, unparalleled surgical experience, incredible thoroughness and personalized treatment in both care and follow-up consultations, and kindness from every single member of the staff, no matter which function, are all hallmarks of the Martini-Klinik. In my case nerves were spared on one side, the catheter was removed on the 5th day after surgery and I have been completely continent from day 6 after surgery.
I feel privileged and grateful. A mere thank you seems inadequate and disproportionate, but nevertheless: a warm and heartfelt Thank You!
Gordon A.


2019-01-21 / Piotr L. from Poland


To Prof. Dr. Georg Salomon and all the staff on private ward 1 and to Martini-Klinik

I wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful treatment and care you all showed to me following my open retropubic prostatectomy.
First of all I would like to thank to Prof. Dr. Georg Salomon. I visited Prof. Salomon on October 2018 to ask about possibility of the focal therapy of my tumour. He ordered a fusion biopsy, which was made in three weeks by Dr med. Yamini Nagaraj. Unfortunately result of the biopsy excluded focal therapy and Prof. Salomon explained me that open retropubic prostatectomy will be the best treatment for me. From our first contact Prof. Salomon emanated with professionalism, calmness as well as great warmth and optimism. It helped me very much to take immediately decision to be treated in Martini -Klinik. Operation and postoperative care provide by Prof. Salomon was simply “magic” and helped me a lot to survive this difficult period. Results of operation were excellent - nerve sparing and negative margin. Pathologic report was also gracious for me and I have the very big chance to be cured (I was impressed the quality of this report as well as short time of its preparation). Catheter was removed on fourth day after operation and I was discharged on day no six. From the beginning I had good urination control (problems only during changing of position) and on 13th day after operation I almost control urination completely. For me it was a great honour, pleasure and luck to meet Prof. Salomon and I am very thankful that he agreed to treat me.

In this place I would like to thank to Dr med. Franziska von Breunig – anaesthesiologist who took care for me during and after operation.

I want to thank a lot to all nurses for caring for me when I was helpless in the days immediately following the operation and also gave me the support and encouragement I needed to take my first steps on the road to my rehabilitation which meant so much to me. Professionalism, heart and patience of nurses in Martini-Klinik is very impressive. Especially that they have to follow many demanding medical procedures. Despite the perfect care it is important that patients are trained to be independent as soon as possible. I did not expect how it is important, when I had to use the urethral catheter.

I would like also to thank all medical doctors working in the ward no 1 and particularly thank Dr. Lara Franziska Stolzenbach who provided a lot of support to control my postoperative complaints.

I want also to thank to Mr. Alexander Krueger – psychologist, who explained me a lot of important issues concerning my life after operation.

Also catering and service personnel was perfect and touching, thank you very much for all your efforts. By the way, it is interesting that in a lounge every afternoon is served fantastic cake, red and white wine, sparkling wine and beer. Visitors and patients can better enjoy postoperative period.

It is also very important that Martini Klinik provides patients with all necessary equipment during a stay. Patients should only have gym suit or 1 size bigger comfortable clothes (belly circumference could be increased after operation). Families and friends can visit patients all the time, close to the Martini Klinik is located Dorint hotel, which is very suitable for such purpose.

I am sorry when I forgot to mention somebody but thank you all once again for all your care and support.

Best regards,


2018-08-17 / Tom N.

Martini Team, I would like to personally take this time now that I am at home and on my way to a full recovery to give my deepest appreciation and thanks for the most wonderful care and treatment I received from all of you during my stay 2-9 July 2018.

Being from California and now living in the Saarland it was not an easy choice for me to decide to have my surgery completed at the Martini-Klinik let alone in Germany. However, after my first visit back in February with Professor Salomon to have a consultation and a look at the facilities, I was thoroughly impressed by the professionalism of everyone I came into contact with there. It came to be that after my consultation and ultra-sound I was convinced this was place to have my treatment completed as it was not yet determined what be best for my case. It later turned out to be surgery after having my MRI guided biopsy performed also by the Martini Klinik.

From the cleaning personnel who cleaned my room, the in-processing administration staff, catering, nurses, medical assistants, doctors, etc. I can’t say enough – Thank You for everything you did for me to make me feel at home. A special thank you to Professor Huland and his team who performed the perfect surgery on me and who checked on me daily – Thank You. Also, a special thanks to Dr. Salomon who came by to see how I was doing even though he did not perform the operation on me – Thank You.

I can testify now that within two weeks everything is working 100%. I owe my rapid recovery to an exceptionally skilled and motivated surgical team and the team in Ward 1. Everyone there was extremely polite, friendly and approachable so that never before have I ever felt so cared for by people who loved their job and wanted nothing more than to assist me in my recovery. I could not help but smile every day I was there at the klinik.

The Martini-Klinik will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope not to have to make any more medical visits there but I am planning on returning for a one year anniversary of being cancer free by running the Hamburg Half Marathon and stopping by station 1 to say hello to everyone who took such great care of me and my wife who was always by myside.

With the most sincere and deepest appreciation, THANK YOU to everyone who is part of the Martini Team and for running what I believe is absolutely the best place in the world to treat prostate cancer. You should all be very proud of what you do and accomplish every day for people like myself. I can’t say enough about how great the Martini-Klinik is and how skilled, dedicated and motivated they are to doing their job, and giving the highest patient care possible.

Again Thank You and Best Wishes to All,


PS. I think at the 2 month point I send a video to you all of me waterskiing on the Mosel


2018-06-10 / KyoungDoek K.

I was an advanced 3B stage patient. I had surgery at Martini-Klinik on the 16th of May, 2018. In a word, I was deeply impressed by the advanced technology at Martini-Klinik. I want to say their technology is like art. My original doctor told me that I had missed the time to get surgery, so I was waiting for my hormone treatment to become effective to see whether I could receive radiation therapy. During that time my sister, who is working at a hospital in Germany, found that Martini-Klinik is famous for prostate cancer operation, and I have been awarded their reputation to be very well deserved.
Anyway, after MRI and PSMA-PET-CT at the clinic I was operated on May 16, 2018. In other words, they gave me the opportunity to receive surgery. I believe the surgery option can yield at the minimum the same or even better results than radiation therapy. Furthermore, if any problem with surgery had occurred, there is still an option to receive radiation therapy. I believe the good survival rates of Martini-Klinik are due to their decision to employ surgery if possible.
I also didn’t believe that I would be able to walk just one day after surgery, but I could do so. And I was not even given any antibiotics after surgery. After six days the catheter could be removed (normally this takes five days; I stayed at Martini-Klinik one more day because of a holiday). I worried about using control over my bladder, but I only needed to wear a diaper a day. That also was beyond my expectation. I am an Asian man of 61 years, and every case is different, but you can expect better results there than at any other hospital in the world, according to records shown on the internet homepage of Martini-Klinik and to the best of my knowledge.
No one can argue against experience in the field being the most important factor for prostate cancer surgery. That was another reason for me to choose Martini-Klinik.
I am writing down my impressions on the airplane back to my country. I think I was lucky to find Martini-Klinik and receive treatment there. I was lucky that the results of my surgery were very different from the predictions of the doctors at my former hospital. That I regained control over my bladder after such a short period, was also beyond my expectations. I cannot be sure about my future yet, but I believe that it would be better, because I can still receive radiation therapy in case my condition worsens. I almost lost this opportunity because my cancer was found late, but Martini-Klinik gave me the chance to receive surgery, so I feel great appreciation for Professor Heinzer. It was important that I got the surgery which we had thought impossible. I remember that my first question to Professor Heinzer was: “Do you think I can get surgery or it is best for me to get surgery?”, and his reply was “Surgery is your best option”. That was contrary to my original doctors.
In a word, I experienced series of marvelous events at this hospital. I feel very lucky and thankful that I had the honor of meeting Professor Heinzer in my life!


2018-04-17 / William S. from United Kingdom

I would like to thank everyone at the Martini-Klinik for making me feel very comfotable throughout my stay. I cannot thank enough the Professors, Doctors, Nurses, administartion, catering staff etc etc.
It is a truly professional establishment next to none. I had my surgery done by Prof. Alexander Haese using the Da Vinci-System Robot (Keyhole Surgery). My surgery was over in two and a half hours and my recover time has been unbelievable. Prof. Haese is a lovely man who tells you straight as it is after the various tests are completed at the laborotory. I was very happy to find out I was given the all clear.
It is now four weeks since my operation, I am back at work and my control of going to the toilet is getting better by the day, it is remarkable.
I can only say to anyone thinking of surgery, I could not recommend Martini-Klinik high enough 10/10

Once again thank you for everything you acheived with myself,

Kind Regards
William S. (Billy)


2018-02-02 / Aad v.F.

After my diagnosis of prostate cancer in the Netherlands, I had to choose where the operation should be. Consider my experience with Value Based Health Care, I found the Martini-Klinik as one of the best performing clinics and excellent outcome indicators after a radicale prostatectomy. After some negotiation with my insurance company, I decided to choose for this clinic.

Therefore I made an appointment with Prof. Dr. Markus Graefen. During this pleasant consult I felt myself in very "good and experienced hands".
After a succesfull operation with the DaVinci Robot, I recovered at the clinic for a week.
During the recovery I felt myself extreme well looked after by a staff of nice, warm nurses, doctors ans catering personal.
The communication between the staff and Prof. Graefen was precise and professional.
After four weeks I'm already working and my recovery is still in positive progress.

I recommend this clinic for the excellent care, top experienced based team and their warm and compassionate support.

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