Survival rates in prostate cancer: the facts

For you as a patient, the disease-specific survival rate is the decisive aspect: what are the chances of surviving prostate cancer? 98 % of our patients who underwent radical prostatectomy, and in whom the tumor was confined to the prostate gland (a so-called pT2 tumor), were still alive 10 years after their operation. Even in patients with an advanced stage tumor (pT3 to pT4), the survival rates are between 72 and 95 %.

Disease-speciic survival rates of our patients after 10 years in percent

The table on the page Results shows the disease-specific survival rate of our patients following surgery, according to the stage of the tumor.

  • If the tumor was confined to the protstate (pT2) or had "only" spread to the periphery of the prostate(pT3a), the 10-year survival rate was more than 98%.
  • If cancer cells had already spread to the seminal vesicle (pT3b) or to the area surrounding the prostate, the rate was between 87% and 77% respectively.
  •  If the lymph nodes were affected (pN+), 81% of our patients survived. 
  •  If the preoperative PSA value was > 20 ng/mL , the disease-specific survival rate was 93%.
  •  If the preoperative Gleason Score was 8 or higher, 70% of the patients survived.