We welcome many international guests. Please see the following information for more details about who you need to contact if you are interested in being treated at the Martini-Klinik.

 You are an EU citizen

If you are an EU citizen, please turn to our outpatient department.  


     You are Scandinavian

If you are from Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Finnland, please turn to the afore mentioned details to contact our outpatient department.

If you are Norwegian and insured by our co-operation partner Aleris Helse please turn to them directly. 


 You are not an EU citizen

If you are not an EU citizen and required to issue a visa for your stay in Germany, please contact the International Office, which organizes everything around your stay. 


Important Information

Please understand that we need an English or German documentation of your diagnostic findings and histology to process your case.

Contact persons