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Current information for patients and visitors

Protecting our patients is our top priority. We ask you to support us in this and adhere to a few health and hygiene rules.

 Note: This information is subject to change at short notice! 

If you wish to visit us as a patient or a visitor at a later date, please refer to this page beforehand to check the latest rules. 


Waiting period of 6 weeks following COVID-19 infection

If you have contracted and recovered from COVID-19, you must have recovered 6 weeks before your surgery date or outpatient treatment, such as a biopsy.


Waiting period of 14 days before or after a COVID-19 vaccination

If you have recently been vaccinated or have an appointment scheduled in the near future, please observe the following rules: You must leave at least 14 days between your COVID-19 vaccination (including boosters and 3rd/4th vaccinations) and your surgery date or outpatient appointment, for a biopsy, for example.