Die Bewertungen unserer Gäste sind für uns von zentraler Bedeutung. Sie garantieren die Transparenz unserer Leistung und dienen der internen Qualitätsüberprüfung. Wir sind sehr stolz darauf, dass 98% der bei uns behandelten Patienten die Klinik an Freunde und Verwandte weiterempfehlen würden - für uns ein unschlagbares Kompliment.

Wir laden Sie ein, unser Gästebuch zu durchstöbern. Wir sind uns sicher, dass Sie sich durch diese Informationen aus erster Hand einen soliden Eindruck der Martini-Klinik machen können.
Da hier immer wieder bestätigt wird, dass die Berichte ehemaliger Patienten bei der Entscheidung für eine Klinik hilfreich sind, haben wir die Einträge ab September 2015 ein Jahr lang auch auf Englisch übersetzt. So können auch unsere internationalen Patienten von den ausführlichen Berichten unserer deutschen Patienten profitieren. 

Auch die Berichte in der nationalen und internationalen Presse können die Darstellung unserer Leistung verifizieren und Ihr Bild von der Martini-Klinik komplettieren.

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14. June 2016 / Zbigniew P. from Kiel

Dear PD Dr. Salomon,
I would very much like to thank you and your surgical team for the successful operation, as well as all those on Ward 4 who were responsible for my care afterwards. I felt that I was in really good hands at the Martini Clinic and absolutely recommend it.
Everything is run on a very high level and very professionally.
Simply fantastic!
Once again, thank you to everyone!


11. June 2016 / Detlef H. from Wilhelmshaven

Dear Martini Clinic team – that sums you up.

Special thanks to Professor Steuber and the whole of the surgical team.

I am glad that you exist.

Please take part in medical trials. It may well be that I have profited from my predecessors.


11. June 2016 / B. O. from Frankfurt-am-Main

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you all for your professional support following my operation on the 19th April, 2016. I really appreciate your daily efforts to provide me with the maximum help following the operation, especially as I was surely a hyper-sensitive and difficult patient.

But it was not only the professional, perfect care – it was also the very personal attention, the conversations and your fundamental approach that pervaded, which delighted me. The team worked as one marvellous unit!

Your work cannot be appreciated highly enough, and it is one of the absurdities of the health system that people such as yourselves – and I believe my knowledge of these things allows me to make a judgement – are underpaid.

The operation itself, carried out by Prof. Graefen, who is, as one would say, “a master of his art”, was such that the catheter was removed within a week, and since then I have had no problems or complaints. It couldn’t have gone better. Once again, my sincere thanks with regard to this and to the whole team of doctors.


11. June 2016 / G. Grave from Münster

The success of the operation (nerve-sparing on both sides, open) was quickly noticeable: discharge without a catheter on the 6th day after surgery, the almost immediate and complete return of continence, and the knowledge, histologically confirmed: the tumor had been completely removed!
I am, of course, most thankful to PD Dr. Salomon, who, in the preceding consultations, dealt sensitively with the fears and expectations of his patient, and who then performed my operation “as he would wish to be operated on himself” (I fully believe him!).
But I also owe my rapid recovery to an exceptionally motivated team on the ward: the cleaning personnel and the nurses and doctors give their care in a polite, friendly and approachable way, so that their freshly operated patients (as well as the accompanying partners) feel like guests in a sophisticated guest house.
It is obvious that the Martini Clinic is based on a, not only medical, comprehensive care concept; a concept that is supported wholeheartedly by all the very motivated staff.


11. May 2016 / Titus F. from Oslo, Norway

It is now four weeks (April 12, 2016) since I had my prostate removed via the Da Vinci robot radical prostatectomy procedure at the Martini-Klinik and I have nothing but the utmost praise and respect for my surgeon (Professor Alexander Haese) and the many other doctors, nurses (especially Olaf) and administrative personnel involved in my pre admission, operation and the subsequent post operative care.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer (PSA scores: 6.2, 5.4, 7.3; Gleeson score 3 + 4) in February 2016 by the Aleris clinic in Oslo. Given my relatively young age (46 at diagnosis, 47 when operated) I was determined to manage the diagnosis in as a proactive and positive manner as possible. For me there were two key criteria. First and foremost - and assuming the cancer had not spread further than my prostate - to get rid of it in the most effective manner possible. Second to have this undertaken in a way that would minimise any adverse potential short and long term side effects. In my research to evaluate what to do and where, I received advise from the professionals at Aleris, and also from a family friend and his son (both urologists) in Australia, who generously reached out to their global network of colleagues. The unanimous feed-back was (i) that I should have a radical prostatectomy and (ii) to undertake this at the Martini Klinik. As a leading UK urologist commented ‘I would stick with the Martini Klinik, they are world leaders’. My decision was further solidified by the extremely helpful feed-back and advise from a previous patient (the ‘other' Michael Jackson) at the Martini-Klinik. With this major decision made (and with it a big sense of relief) I then used the remaining time to get as physically fit as possible for the operation.

I spent a total of seven days at the clinic and throughout that time felt I was in the absolute best hands possible and in a very ‘safe’ space where visitors could come and go as they wished. The operation itself went as planned, including the sparing of all relevant nerves. Before and after the operation Professor Haese was readily available and in additional to his exceptional professional abilities was throughout extremely modest and caring in his approach. If only all senior physicians were the same. The post operative care was excellent and my biggest concern after the catheter came out after only three days was that I might be sent back to Norway early! Thankfully not and I returned with my wife - after a wonderful Thai meal in Hamburg - as per the initial plan.

Since returning home I have and continue to make a good recovery and was informed two weeks after the operation by Professor Haese that that post operative pathology confirmed the cancer was confined to the prostate. I have essentially had no issues with impotence and the small issues with incontinence are almost gone. Based on my own experience, my advise to anyone would be to get as fit as possible before the operation, to enjoy the Martini-Klinic experience and then to take it really easy afterwards including (as also advised by others) listening to your body. I am now doing long walks each day and plan to venture into the swimming pool next week!

In summary I would thoroughly recommend the Martini-Klinik both in terms of the exceptional results they achieve and the very individual and caring approach taken by everyone involved. Given the significant benefit I gained from being able to contact a previous patient, if anyone has any further questions please feel free to contact me (e-mail: titus.moser@gmail.com).


25. April 2016 / Geir O. from Norway (Molde)

I (55 years old) was on a yearly control at Aleris in Trondheim, Norway in January 2016. The PSA had increased from 2,5 to 4,6 since last year. A new PSA test two weeks later showed the same level of PSA. The next step was than to take an ultrasound, also at Aleris in Trondheim. They did not see anything on this check. We then decided to take an MR at Aleris in Oslo, which has the only private Cancer Diagnosis Centre in Norway. They saw something on the MR, and took a biopsy the same day. After a short period of time I had a meeting with oncologist Marius Normann at Aleris, and together we decided that a radical prostatectomy by the da Vinci method at Martini-Klinik was the best solution for me.
It was no hurry, and I “booked” a date for the operation which was best for me and my employer on the 13th of April 2016.
The evening after the operation, Professor Alexander Haese, told me it had been possible to preserve all important functions. The catheter was removed the day before I left the clinic, and in this respect my situation has remarkably improved from day to day. It was Hamburg Marathon the same weekend and I wanted to take a walk to see all the people running for “life”.
I don’t think you want to be so long way from the toilet the first day after removing the catheter, Alexander told me. I did not listen on that ear and walked slowly for almost two hours without any pain and any need for any trip to the toilet. Now, 10 days after the operation, I am in good shape again. I take a “long” walk each day and am happy with the improvements from day to day. I am able to do my work as a business controller in a large IT company and look forward to recover slowly, but be in as good fit as possible the summer holidays of 2016. I plan to take part in the Hamburg Marathon in 2017. Wonderful city. To be in good shape before surgery is a smart “decision”.
The 21st of April, I received a telephone call from Alexander: the cancer had been entirely removed and no need for extra treatment. Only 10 days after the surgery, I can confirm that there will not be any problem with bladder control or erection.
I thank Professor Alexander Haese and his team for the excellent medical work and for being there for me with a smile and laugh when I most needed it. I focused as little as possible on cancer and all possible results from the surgery. The best way for ME to handle the situation was with smile and much laughing. What can I do? With the absolutely best to operate on me, I was sure this was going to go as well as possible.
One of the best, was perhaps that one felt that everyone really cared about you and had plenty of time to talk to you and make certain that this would go well.
It was good for me to have people like Julia, Olaf, Marianne, Jasmin, Dimitra ++ to talk to and laugh together with. Thank you for all the advices (curious and asked a lot), always smiling and many good hugs. Love you all. I miss you all. ( I really do). You are fortunate to have a job that means so much to many.

I recommend the Martini-klinik, without exception.


06. April 2016 / Jürgen H. from Kassel

It began in 2007 with a PSA value of 5.6, a period of uncertainty, suppression and fear of prostate cancer.
2008 - a PSA value of 6.7 and the first biopsy with a negative result, with an indication for regular monitoring.
2013 - a PSA of 9.9, I was not ready for an operation, but I had already heard of the Martini Clinic.
In August 2015, my wife insistently reminded me of my prostate check-up, at which the PSA was 13.2. My search for the right method led me to the HIFU technique or radiation therapy as “good” alternatives to removal of the prostate.
My very pleasant first contact with the Martini Clinic prompted me initially to have an MRI at the University Medical Center Eppendorf on the 02.09.2015.The result was positive and I therefore had to undergo a biopsy.

The biopsy took place on the 27.10.15 at the Martini Clinic. After the unpleasant experience with my last biopsy in 2008, I am very thankful to Mrs Linse and Mr. Kühne for their very kind treatment. Of the 17 punch samples, 2 were positive. The Gleason score of 3+4 meant that an operation was necessary.
Prof. Dr. Haese carried out the operation on the 01.12.15 using the Da Vinci method. It was possible to spare the nerves and the result was very good. All cancerous tissue was removed; only the tissue surrounding the ureter was no longer intact, but thanks to Prof. Haese, the result is now very good. I also thank him for his sympathetic consultations and the comprehensive information he gave me.
Unfortunately, due to the state of the ureter, I had to wear a catheter for 4 weeks, which was then very gently removed on the 04.01.2016, accompanied by a lot of useful information.
In conversations I still get enthusiastic about the whole team at the Martini Clinic, and I can only recommend that anyone in a similar situation go there.

4 months have passed and my continence is almost perfect. I hardly have to get up at night, and the urge to urinate has eased.

My urologist in Kassel is also satisfied with the overall result.

Many thanks to the whole team, and please keep your typical Hamburg “calm friendliness”.

Jürgen H.


31. March 2016 / Jürgen A. from Straubenhardt

Dear Martini Clinic Team,
I am deliberately addressing this message not only to Professor Dr. Haese, but to the whole TEAM. I very much want to share my experiences at the clinic with the your next patients.
Team 1
My Professor 1
Treatment 1
Consultation 1
Result 1
In short, I could find nothing to mention here that would deserve a Grade 2.
Thank you for all your efforts, your knowledge and your patience, thank you.


31. March 2016 / Gerhard T. from Bhuchholz i.d.N.

Dear Martini Clinic staff,
if there were an award for patient satisfaction, you would win it.
Every day you all conduct your lives according to the principle
“Say what you do and do what you say.”
This is based on a clinic/patient philosophy that is without equal.
My thanks go to the staff of the prostate consulting hour, the team on Ward 4, and to Dr. Tilki’s surgical team.
I was treated excellently by all the staff from my first day on Ward 4 until my discharge,
Many thanks and greetings,
Gerhard Thom


11. March 2016 / N.N. S. from Korschenbroich

Anyone confronted with (prostate) cancer finds themselves in an exceptional physical and psychological situation. The team at the Martini Clinic team is dedicated to dealing with this exceptional situation and to an unconditional fight against cancer. This fight is carried out in a most professional way, involving the best surgeons with wide operative experience, who operate according to the latest scientific findings, and with highly qualified, friendly and highly motivated carers, who are always available to the patient.
My thanks go to the whole team, who were a great help to me; one can therefore only demand: “Create more Martini Clinics!”